About the Legacy Fund
for the Environment

Canards dans un lac

The Legacy Fund for the Environment is a Quebec environmental organization. We partner with citizens’ groups in pursuing legal actions to defend the environment. We fund legal actions (from demand letters to lawsuits) and the studies needed to succeed:

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We can also fund other studies needed by citizens’ groups in their quest for environmental or biodiversity protection.

We are there to help you with our experience:

  • incorporate your non-profit organization;
  • find experienced lawyers;
  • find the experts you need, from our growing network.

Read our 2021-2022 Annual Report

Our projects

In addition to funding cases, the Legacy Fund is also involved in many projects aiming to promote awareness and create discussions surrounding innovative legal approaches to protect the environment. For example, the Legacy Fund has been working on a fiscal analysis project and is working with other actors on putting together a chair in environmental dispute resolution.

Our directors

Our team is composed of motivated individuals with expertise ranging from biodiversity conservation to environmental law.

Campbell Stuart_Legacy Fund for the Environment

Campbell Stuart

Campbell Stuart, partner with the law firm Colby Monet; former mayor of Montreal West; environmental and community activist with Les Amis du parc Meadowbrook, Green Coalition, CRE Montréal, Santropol Roulant, L’Abri en Ville, Little Red Playhouse and others; former ED of the Bukasa Island Community Development Project in Uganda, and President and Director of the Legacy Fund for the Environment.

Marianne Bellavance_Legacy Fund for the Environment

Marianne Bellavance

Marianne is a law student at the Faculté de droit de l’Université de Montréal and secretary for Sustainable Youth Canada. Growing up, she always cared about the environment, getting involved in the implementation of compost systems at her high school and at Dawson College. Marianne is honing her legal mind on the board of the Legacy Fund with real-world cases and hopes to use her legal knowledge to build a greener future.

Dida Berku_Legacy Fund for the Environment

Dida Berku

Dida Berku, a retired lawyer, has represented many environmental groups over her 40 year career. A Côte Saint-Luc city councillor since 1990, she has a vast experience in municipal law and politics and has served on many boards and municipal council commissions across the island and as leader of the Majority for the Montreal mega-city from 2002-05. She is responsible in CSL for the Master Plan and the protection of the Meadowbrook golf course. She has six beautiful grandkids who love butterflies.

This a portrait of one our directors, Sylvie Clermont.

Sylvie Clermont

Retired from a career in health care, mother of three and grandmother of three, Sylvie Clermont has been involved in environmental protection since early adulthood. First, in her workplace by starting up recycling projects, she continued her involvement in the municipal field by taking part in the various environmental advisory committees of the towns where she lived. Since her retirement, Sylvie has invested herself full-time in protecting the environment and biodiversity by being an active member of several environmental organizations, including MARE, the Green Coalition, the Réseau Demain le Québec and now the Legacy Fund for the Environment. Her main objective is to create strong links between the various groups, and thus help build a strong citizen’s movement that will face up to the many challenges that, as part of the Living World, we are already confronted with.

Be part of the legacy
for generations to come

We always welcome donations to fund our cases, and encourage volunteers to join us. Be part of the team fighting forest destruction, protecting biodiversity and taking ecological action!